Welcome to the McGill Nutrition and Performance Laboratory
The McGill Nutrition and Performance Laboratory (also known as “MNUPAL”) is a specialized clinical research facility whose purpose is to conduct studies designed to assess and evaluate patients with advanced chronic diseases such as cancer, lymphedema, AIDS, and frailty in the elderly. These patients too often suffer from malnutrition and/or loss of function.

equip3.jpgOur goals are to enable patients with incurable and/or advanced diseases to maintain function and a high quality of life.

Our team, composed of physicians, dieticians, physiotherapists and kinesiologists, works towards identifying and characterizing the biological causes of malnutrition and loss of function in order to find ways to reverse them, through nutrition and rehabilitation.

Our research aims to improve the classification, diagnosis and treatment of wasting syndromes associated with incurable diseases. Our findings will serve in developing new interventions to help patients with these diseases to maximize the benefits of treatments which may potentially improve their quality of life and/or survival while minimizing side effects.

Our work is performed in our specialized laboratory through peer-reviewed research protocols in partnership with health services and programs affiliated with McGill University and Concordia University. Our work is also encouraged by special funders who support the mission and work of MNUPAL.


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